Dr. Guruprasad Rao

Dr. Guruprasad Rao

Director, Faculty of Design

Warm Welcome to MIT-WPU Faculty of Design!


MIT- WPU is a leading private university well known for its Engineering Domain leadership and has been continuously evolving to offer many professional courses not only to create skilled professionals to industry but also entrepreneurs, to build our great nation, India.


In its constant endeavour offer industry relevant courses and to meet the changing demands of stakeholders of society, MIT WPU started many new streams of Design under the Faculty of Design such as School of Design & School of Visual Arts.


Design means change that is constant. Since dawn of civilization humans are the only among the intelligent life forms that has been trying to modify the nature to suit their needs and build the artificial habitat. This has evolved as craft and design which is our way of coping with the climatic hardships and survive.


Design means change and finding a better solution and is intrinsic to all creative pursuits of human endeavours and has evolved to shape the world that is safe and sustainable and fair.


At MIT – WPU we have evolved a a great design curriculum with expert faculty with rich professional experience to shape future design leaders to our great country and to the world.


Our program is practice based and offers ample opportunities to students to discover the design process and develop a holistic knowledge to serve the industry and society at large.


We constantly review our program for its outcome and incorporate suggestions from our stakeholders to offer best value for life and will continue to support our alumni to build a strong network of professionals and entrepreneurs.


We wish to support the entrepreneurial aspirations in students and support them through our technology business incubation.


We assure to train, coach and mentor you to be an independent thinker and provide wings to your ideas and make them fly high. That’s our purpose and that’s what makes us proud.


Are you that creative child and a tinkerer? Enjoyed making things? Then you are born to design for the world, and we promise to nurture you to develop skills to bring your ideas to life.


So, in my capacity as Director of school, and on behalf of MIT-WPU, wish to invite you to join your creative journey with our expert design mentors. A sound foundation in design fundamentals with best tools and hands on practice shapes student into an empowered professional.


Yours Sincerely,


Dr Guruprasad Kuppu Rao

Director – Faculty of Design