Dr. Suman Devadula

Dr. Suman Devadula

Head of School

Welcome to MIT-WPU School of Design!

I feel privileged and glad to experience the start of MIT-WPU School of Design with the Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) Program offering Product Design and User Experience Design.

The birth of MIT-WPU School of Design is the birth of an idea of what we mean and stand for in the design landscape, locally, nationally and internationally. A tryst with design includes aspects that afford the creative freedom to find your space and it is important to balance this freedom with responsibility. Responsibility indirectly comes with design, because design is not for oneself only but for others more importantly. To have a picture of whom one is designing for and the process by which this knowledge is gained is the principle of user-centered design. User-centric design is the axis of enterprises that spin success, grow and sustain it too. However, a designer’s responsibility extends beyond paying good heed to users.

Although there may be exceptions, we cannot expect users to know everything about design they will be involved with and neither can we give them all what they could ever express, explicitly or implicitly. What is very feasible, viable and economically desirable might derail eco-systems. A very useful service of alerting a user when you miss a call can be misinterpreted socially and misused unless communicated and alerted appropriately for both the giver and the receiver. On the earth day or on any other day, what happens if ‘Google’ chooses to invert colors on its search-engine homepage? A very playful looking, co-molded and easily affordable toothbrush could despoil waters and aquatic life. We are hence looking further at an extended responsibility. As designers, we should strive to be fully aware of the history of design, the materials prescribed/the font size flexibility chosen for the context, the manufacturing processes that entail a design specification/pay heed to the development footprint that entails, the environmental footprint of the lifecycle of the design, the consequences of introducing the design into society, etc. culminating in the contribution of the design towards sustaining peaceful welfare of people, that this prestigious institution (MIT-WPU) envisions to be a forbearer of. Design actually entails so much. The earth is a family.

Having said that, it takes a lot to train to be creative and as designers, creativity should be one’s forte. A strength to accept the responsibility of one’s design and be creative in re-designing it or preparing to design the whole system to be increasingly better.

We believe that such long-term holistic learning is life-long and that organizations/industry will have to wake up faster to it soon. And, I am glad to state that in this learning journey the curriculum at the MIT-WPU School of Design and the team that we take pride in are keen on facilitating this learning process appropriately.

To summarize, I urge young aspirants to challenge their creative limits and keep pushing these whilst not losing sight of the consequences. I wish you good luck in this endeavor and look forward to your association with MIT-WPU School of Design.