Dr. Nanki Nath

Dr. Nanki Nath

Associate Professor


Dr. Nanki has around eight years of work experience. She served as Assistant Professor in Design, IIT Guwahati and as faculty member at NID Ahmedabad. She was invited for guest sessions at IIT Delhi; Textile Design, NID; Design dept. at SPAB, IICD, Jaipur; VID Pune and as a Mentor in the UMO.Design.

She served as Vice Activity Chairperson, R&D at NID; conducted and organised design workshops at NID, IITG, conferences in India and abroad. She has 20 plus paper publications in national and international conferences and journals. She has been editorial board member for ‘The International Journal of Visual Design’, The University of Illinios, USA and ‘Cultural Syndrome’ journal, Universitas Indraprasta PGRI, Indonesia.

She has designed visual identities for NIT Sikkim and Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) for NDMA, New Delhi. Developed research-led guidelines for a DIC (MHRD) funded project in packaging design at IIT Guwahati.

She has been involved in Curriculum Design for New Course Developments, SEED Research Grant scheme development, research colloquim activity at departmental & institutional levels.

Personal Website: http://www.nankidesigns.net

Qualifications: Ph.D. (IDC, IIT Bombay); M.Des, Graphic Design (NID Ahmedabad); B.F.A, Applied Arts (University of Rajasthan)